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Yayasan Barkah Waqaf Internasional teams with
World Capacity Builders to create sustainable agriculture economies in rural Indonesia.

Sept 12, 2018

Refresh our air with 100 Million New Trees!

WCB teams with Yayasan Barkah Waqaf International (BWI) to leverage BWI’s control of 100,000 ha of land near Jambi, Indonesia with an ambitious program to plant 100 million new trees. This forested land near the city of Palembang in Sumatra is slated for development including planned communities with socio-economic projects including affordable housing for the citizens there. The partners are planning to develop and execute an ambitious socio-economic, agricultural and cultural financing plan that introduces innovative agricultural and environmental (green) projects that not only have carbon offset objectives but would economically benefit the citizens in the region.

The regional Government in Indonesia (UPTD KPH REGION II LALAN MENDIS) and the Long Term Forest Management Plan (RPHJP) have lent their support in an agreement to provide a large area of land to BWI for the realization of the project throughout the area. The effects of the planned economic activities will spill over to the rest of the country.

“The land agreement will provide sustainable socio-economic projects that help develop rural areas, create a Microfinance System for rural dwellers as well as initiating the roll out of a universal Payment System for the Unbanked.” said Dr. Rahman Bidin, CEO of BWI.

This MOU also includes a regionwide program to launch a Halal Excellence Program for Muslim businesses. It is a unique and ubiquitous Halal endorsement platform for a myriad of products and services offered to the Muslim community worldwide. Branded as the Halal Gold program, the endorsement project aimed at Muslim Consumers, Merchants, Entrepreneurs, Manufacturers, Travellers, and Educators in Muslim countries spanning from North America to the Middle East to Africa to ASEAN countries, Japan, and China. The concept enables Merchants and Producers of goods and services to introduce, promote and manage the distribution of recognizable Halal endorsed product offerings tailored to the Halal communities.
WCB brings financial support and infrastructure. Its FinTech platform uniquely designed vis-à-vis current financial environments (including interfacing with cryptocurrencies) to enable the fruition of socio-economic projects and the distribution channels of the Halal Gold program.

As well, WCB’s platform includes the planned roll-out of its Prime Gate City Program in Indonesia, its Payments Program called Prime OneCard, its Communications Program called Prime OneCHAT.

WCB is a company dedicated to elevating the capacities of the underserved and unbanked in the world. This MOU works towards improving access to communication solutions, financial services, and technologies for Indonesia first focussing at the Jambi/Palembang region.

To achieve this goal, WCB partners with other companies who share their values while working on new tools and technologies. The partnership between WCB and BWI will act as a catalyst for elevating the capacities of the underbanked and underserved.

About World Capacity Builders

World Capacity Builders Inc. is a private British Columbian company dedicated to improving access to communication solutions, financial services, and technologies for the world’s poor and underserved communities. To achieve this goal, the company partners with other companies working on new tools and technology, and that share their values.