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WCB Reforestation Project in Indonesia

World Capacity Builders Inc. has possession of about 90,000 ha of arable and mixed land in the Jambi-Palembang region of South Sumatra, Indonesia. Partnering and working with the Ministry of Forestry, the purpose of the project is to plant a targeted 500 million trees. About 78,000 ha are available for reforestation. 12,000 ha of this land is forested with hardwood trees that belong to the Project with an estimated value of US$796.0 million.

WCB has about 32 years of tenure left of the property.

The plan is to grow fast-growing hardwood trees (e.g. Acacia, Balsa, Empress Trees, Jabon and Sengon). These trees could be harvested in about 5-7 years.

WCB welcomes investors to own a piece of a tree by buying Smart Contracts attached tradable Security Tokens technologically linked to each identifiable tree.  WCB welcomes investors to partner in projects in this large piece of land.