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Õpet Partners with World Capacity Builders to Bring Inclusive Education to the Underprivileged. 

Singapore, 29 June 2018 — Õpet has been working at breakneck pace in recent months, setting the stage for a blockchain-based educational platform engineered to bring about equality of opportunities via education.

Shortly after unveiling strategic partnerships with the educational well-known, Cambridge University Judge Business School — a move that authorized its utilization of the renowned psychometric profiling tool “Apply Magic Sauce” — Õpet today announces yet another collaboration with Canadian Fintech company, World Capacity Builders (WCB) to bring their artificial-intelligence education platform to the less fortunate around the world. Õpet and WCB recognize the important role of education as a main driver of capacity-building, in accordance to UNESCO’s vision to transform lives through education.

For Õpet, this strategic collaboration with WCB opens a pathway of international outreach for the platform to make inclusive education more accessible. It also has potential to implement new approaches to change ways for the world’s youth in their pursuit of better learning practices. WCB works with notable individuals and relevant companies to develop and integrate technology and education content deliverables quickly and efficiently to the world’s poorest and most underserved communities.

The extensive network of WCB would be crucial in enabling Õpet’s international outreach. Õpet’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology has precise penetration features to positively affect the educational outcome to underserved communities that need them most! This is the primary cause that underlies Õpet’s blockchain-based educational platform and its flagship AI chatbot.

In addition, WCB collaborates with crypto-centric technologies and financial platforms worldwide. For instance, its recent partnership with Crypterium, an emerging crypto bank, was their strategic move to drive crypto-based payment solutions through WCB’s financial network. This was planned to support programs that target the 2.0 billion unbanked people worldwide. Now, their partnership with Õpet will act as an educational arm to deliver an additional layer of social responsibility to the underprivileged. This connection gives Õpet the access to opportunities linked to blockchain financial services.

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The official token generation event will be on the 1st October 2018. Reach out to Õpet’s management team at for further information about their private sale.

About Õpet

Õpet is a Singapore-based company, focusing on the development of an AI-companion chatbot that is capable of learning high school curriculum and revision assistance. It also offers a digital companion tuition service to assist in students’ revision efforts, as well as recommend suitable tertiary institutions and courses of study globally via collected user data stored on its unique blockchain solution, facilitating a seamless tertiary/college application and admission validation. Õpet also empowers an accountable way of education-related philanthropy.

“We are happy to benefit from a brilliant concept that does not only allow financial inclusion of the unbanked but provides communications facility as well for the unconnected,” says Hazel Bernadette Madrigal Cruz, CEO Barangay Assistance Network, who is working with World Capacity Builders on improving rural connectivity and identity solutions.

About World Capacity Builders

World Capacity Builders Inc. is a private British Columbian company dedicated to improving access to communication solutions, financial services, and technologies for the world’s poor and underserved communities. To achieve this goal, the company partners with other companies working on new tools and technology, and that share their values.